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About Us

Who We Are?

We are a family blog. Right now there are three of us:

Parents Republic team

Why We Created Parents Republic?

The idea of creating the Parents Republic first came up when we were pregnant with Nate. It was so nerve racking and exciting that we really needed a place to pour out our emotions at.

At first Parents Republic was intended to be solely an informational blog where we can share our experiences, struggles and excitements. 

Once Nate was born we realized that we want it to be more than that. We found ourselves continuously coming up with ideas to improve different baby products. Compromise is not something we as parents feel comfortable with. We wanted to create a better class of baby products. Products that will not require parents to compromise.

What You'll Find on Parents Republic?

  • Information and tips on pregnancy, giving birth and the wonderful journey of raising a baby
  • Reviews for products we love and believe can be useful to other parents and babies as well

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