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Why Blossom Car Seat Cover is the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Introducing "Blossom" Baby Car Seat Cover

baby car seat cover
  • The 6-in-1 canopy that will protect your baby during his time at the car seat, bassinet, and a stroller
  • Can be used as a cover, sun shade or lap blanket
  • With blossom car seat cover you don’t need to worry about wind, bugs, germs or strangers. You can take your baby anywhere knowing he is protected and comfortable

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What Makes the "Blossom" Car Seat Canopy so Special?

  • Designed with an Adjustable Peekaboo Window

Most car seat covers you'll find in stores lack this simple yet important feature.

A window lets more air in. It allows you to look at your baby and your baby to look at you. 

baby car seat cover
baby car seat cover

The window is designed to give you a full control over the opened space.

There are two buttons for near silent open and close (to keep your baby happy and sleeping).

baby car seat cover window
baby car seat cover

A velcro strip that is sewed over the window allows you to roll the window up to any position. It is not as silent as using the buttons, but we minimized the velcro area on the strap to make it as silent as possible.

car seat canopy with window
  • Won't Blow Away when Windy

Most likely that protecting your baby from wind is one of the key reasons you needed a canopy in the first place.

Before "Blossom" car seat cover was created there were 2 main types of car seat canopies on the market:


Standard Loose Canopies


Canopies that Have Elastic on the Bottom

baby car seat canopy types

From the reviews we read and the tests we conducted ourselves, both types do not offer a sufficient solution to the wind problem.

The standard loose canopy will end up blowing over your baby’s face every time there is a breeze and the ones with elastic are likely to not fit your car seat as expected. 

car seat canopy with window

Blossom car seat cover introduces a unique design that allows you to tighten the bottom part of the canopy as much as you need. 

Tightening the canopy is as easy as pulling a rope. Eliminating blowing away and flapping around. It will fit perfectly.

Once tightened, the canopy will not slip even if you will end up facing a really strong wind.

  • Multifunctional

This car seat canopy is not only good for protecting your baby during the time in the car seat but will also end up being extra useful for the times in the stroller or the bassinet.

multi-functional baby car seat canopy

Can be used as:

  • Car Seat Canopy
  • ​Bassinet Cover
  • Stroller Sun Shade
  • Bassinet Sun Shade​
  • Stroller Cover
  • Stroller Lap Blanket​

Why Else Should You Use Our Baby Car Seat Cover?

  • Easy to Put On

This cover attaches to the car seat by wrapping the adjustable velcro straps around the handle.

The straps are designed in a way that allows you to easily secure them tight around the handle to prevent the canopy from sliding while you walk with it.

It will only take you few seconds to put on and take off.

Attaching the cover to the stroller or the bassinet is just as easy.

You can view the  video instructions here.​

  • Good for Almost any Weather

Blossom is a 2 layered cover made of 100% bamboo rayon fabric. It is lightweight enough for the warm months and is protective enough for the cold ones.

baby car seat cover modes

The cover is designed in a way you can use it both in a "loose and airy" or the "tight and cozy" modes.

The "loose and airy" mode provides extra ventilation.

The "tight and cozy" mode protects against the wind. You can make it even warmer for your baby just by adding in a blanket. You don't need to worry about the blanket falling off when you walk thank to the cover's design.

Switching between the two modes is as easy as pulling a rope. 

  • Just the Right Size
car seat canopy size

We tested different sizes of car seat covers and determined that this is the size that will work best for most car seat models.  

  • Comes with a Portable Storage Bag
baby car seat cover storage bag

The canopy is lightweight and does not take lots of storage space. It can be easily folded into its own custom bag when not in use.

  • A Great Gift for a New Mom

​Car seat canopy is a must have accessory for a new mom. It is cute, multifunctional and practical. Great gift for a baby shower.

How to Put On the Canopy on a Car Seat?

1. Wrap the Velcro straps around the handle with the window facing you.

​2. If it is windy, use the rope on the bottom of the cover to tighten it around the car seat. 

3. Use the pocket to place the rope in, so it will not get in the way.

4. Adjust the window to your needs. 

You can fix the window in a desired position by using the buttons or the velcro stripe that is sewed over the window. The buttons allow you to fix the window in a fully closed or a fully opened positions while the velcro stripe gives you a full control over how opened you would like the window to be.