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How We Made Our Baby Car Seat Cover to Be the Best

baby car seat cover

We spent the last 6 months researching, sketching, sewing and testing various baby car seat covers. Then we came up with "Blossom".

The 6-in-1 car seat cover that answers all the goals we set for it.

In this post, we will reveal all the details about our design process. 

We will share everything: why we decided to design our own cover in the first plays? What didn't we like about the existing covers? What improvement ideas we came up with? What are the struggles we faced? And much more...

The Big Why

As new parents we were constantly trying to protect our little one from various hazards.

Whether it was too windy, too sunny, too crowded we wanted to shield our baby from it.

baby protection

We didn’t like using a blanket over our car seat or our stroller. It didn’t stay in place and was preventing us from seeing our baby. That not only bothered us, the "paranoid parents", but also upset our baby boy when he wasn’t asleep.

Other covers on the market were windowless and weren’t any good for a windy weather.

They were too expensive and just didn’t work like we wanted them too. We needed another solution.​

We felt that if we struggle so much to find a decent cover that will actually work, there are probably many other parents who deal with the same problem.

We decided to take action and create our own baby car seat cover. ​

The How

Defining the Problems

We knew what we needed to fix. We knew what we wanted to create. And we wanted to know what other parents are liking or disliking about their covers. What are those little things that make them fall in love or dismiss a product for their baby?

We started by reading tons of reviews about various cover models. Then we talked to moms and dads in our area about what is important to them.

If you could get an expert degree in the field of car seat covers we would be the ones to get it. 

We wanted to develop a product that will answer the needs of parents and will lack the flaws other products had.

We tried different solutions and tested different combinations.

We Had 5 Main Problems We Wanted to Solve:

baby car seat cover requirements

1. We wanted to look at our baby whenever we like without uncovering him.

2. We wanted the cover to be able to handle any kind of wind.

3. We wanted the cover to be large enough to fit all car seat models.

4. We wanted it to be easy to put on and at the same time will not slide over the handles.

5. We wanted it to be convenient both for the baby and the parents.

Searching for the Suppliers

The first step to releasing our own product was to find a manufacturer that will work with us and agree to implement our custom requirements.

We contacted dozens of different suppliers. None of them had a product with the features that were important to us.

We ordered samples of the products they did have just to check the quality of their work.

It wasn't easy to find a supplier that was actually willing to make changes to their products and made them of decent quality. We didn't want to compromise on our design and the quality so we kept on looking.

After a while, we were able to find a supplier that was both willing to manufacture the canopy according to custom design and we were happy with the quality of their work.

At the same time, we started to summarize all of our ideas and solutions for solving the most common problems baby car seat covers had.

Developing Our Design

We drafted various ideas and actually acquired some sewing skills while creating the prototypes.

Here are some of our initial ideas:

Handle Straps Solutions

First, we made changes to the velcro straps that keep the cover on the car seat to make them fit tighter on the handle. We simply enlarged the velcro material length across all the strap. 

car seat canopy best attachment

Options for Windows and Openings

car seat canopy with opening
car seat canopy opening options
car seat canopy with window

We decided that having a window serves more purposes than just having an opening.

We incorporated a rolling strap system for the window together with two buttons that can also be used for fixing it in fully closed or fully opened positions. 

baby car seat canopy window design
baby car seat canopy window opener

The reason we kept both the buttons and the rolling velcro strap was to have maximum control over the open space. We wanted to be able to leave as little or as big of a gap we wanted, the rolling strap does give us a full control over it.

We also wanted to have the option to fully close the window or open it without making a sound. That what the buttons are for.

Attaching and detaching velcros is not completely noiseless. We minimized the area of contact between both velcro sides for it to work as silently as possible. However the buttons make no sound at all and that might come in handy for babies with a very sensitive sleep. 

Wind-proofing Solutions

car seat canopy wind proof

The bottom rope tightening solution worked best in our opinion to keep the canopy in place when it is windy. It was also convenient and easy to use.

Once we decided that the drawstring rope solution will work the best for windy weather, we had to find a way to hide the rope when not in use so it will not get in the way.

Rope Holding Solutions

hiding the rope after tightening the baby car seat cover

We explored several solutions and concluded that having a pocket is the quickest, most intuitive and efficient way to get the rope out of the way. 

The Process of Manufacturing

Once we had our final design we contacted our manufacturer again. We wanted to be sure our they will be able to produce this specific cover.

We created our final prototype and prepared the instructions for the manufacturing process.​

When we got those approved by our manufacturer, it was time to choose the materials.​

We had to select the pattern, decide how many layers our canopy will have and what type of fabric each layer would be made of.

baby car seat cover pattern

As for the pattern, we wanted something that brought freshness and happiness. We decided to go with the blossom fabric on the top and a pure white bamboo fabric on the inner side of the canopy.

As for the material, we decided to make a 2 layered canopy with 100% bamboo rayon fabric.

Why Bamboo Rayon

When we ordered the initial samples for the canopies, we ordered those in various materials. We had cotton, minky, muslin and bamboo rayon to choose from. 

We felt that the covers made from bamboo rayon felt softer and looked more luxurious. We researched this material and came up with lots of positive characteristics and user feedbacks. 

  • Soft
  • Expensive Looking
  • Does not Trap Odors
  • Stays Cooler in Hot Temperatures and Warmer in Cold Temperatures
  • Antimicrobial

Why 2 Layers

We believe that this is an optimal thickness that will work for most weather requirements.

It is not too hot for the summer and warm enough for the winter.

When it is very cold, you can easily slip a warmer blanket beneath the cover into the car seat. The design of the canopy will keep the blanket from falling. 

The Production

When everything was decided on, the factory produced the final samples for us.

We loved them!

It was then just a matter of time until a hall line of Blossom baby car seat covers was produced and delivered to Amazon.

Hopefully, by now you are convinced that we poured our soul into this product and we truly believe you will like it.

baby car seat cover

We are grateful for any feedback on your part!

Whether it is to: tell us you like it or dislike our canopy. Tell us about your experience using it (maybe even send us some pictures). Suggest how we can improve or anything else. Please feel free to comment or contact us with a contact form.

We value your opinion and that is what keeps us driven!